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Caffè Borbone Tasting Kits

Caffè Borbone has created tasting kits to allow you to try and taste all the Neapolitan coffee blends on your own espresso machine.

In each kit you will find the 5 Caffè Borbone blends: Blue blend (balanced, full-bodied and round), Gold blend (sweet and refined, the maximum expression of the Neapolitan tradition), Black blend (intense and robust, for a rich and creamy espresso), Red blend (strong and creamy, for a strong and creamy espresso), Green Dek blend (for those who love decaffeinated coffee, without sacrificing taste and creaminess).

The tasting kits are available both in ESE 44 mm pods and in compatible capsules with domestic coffee machines of the Nespresso®*, Nescafé®* Dolce Gusto®*, Lavazza®* A Modo Mio®* and Lavazza®* Espresso Point®* brands.

Tasting KIT 90 Capsules mixed Caffè Borbone Compatible with Nescafé ®* Dolce Gusto ®* brand machines

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Tasting KIT of 120 Capsule mixed Borbone Don Carlo

Online sale of Caffè Borbone Capsules Don Carlo Tasting Kit Mixed blends COMPATIBLE with affordable price

Tasting Kit Caffè Borbone

Haven't yot tasted the Caffè Borbone pods and capsules yet and are you unsure about which blend to choose for your coffee machine?
That's why we have made special tasting kits with mixed blends for the Caffè Borbone capsules compatible with Nespresso ®* brand home coffee machines, Nescafè ® Dolce Gusto ®* brand coffee machines and Lavazza ® A Modo Mio ®* brand coffee machines and also for ESE Caffè Borbone compostable pods.
Each tasting pack contains various pods and capsules of each blend available: Gold, Black, Red, Blue and Dek. This way you can try them all and identify the one that best suits your taste.