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Tasting KIT 60 Capsules mixed Caffè Borbone REspresso Compatible Nespresso*

Online sale of Tasting Kit Capsules Borbone Respresso mixed blends Compatible Nespresso* at a super affordable price
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Tasting Kit 60 Capsules mixed Borbone REspresso compatible Nespresso*

20 capsules


10 capsules


20 capsules


10 capsules


BLUE Blend: balanced and round taste, full-bodied, creamy to give you a unique coffee.
GOLD Blend:
for true connoisseurs, the highest expression of the Neapolitan tradition.
BLACK Blend:
strong, firm and with a clear taste, just to give you the necessary charge.
DEK Blend:
preserves cream, body, taste and all the sweetness of the perfect espresso, but ... decaffeinated (caffeine content not exceeding 0.1%).

Products specifications
Ingredients Roast & ground coffee