Quality Award 2019

Caffè Borbone è stato premiato da QUALITY AWARD

We are proud to announce that Caffè Borbone has been rewarded by italian consumers and has won the QUALITY AWARD 2019 with ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) compostable pods.
The Quality Award is a prestigious award, which reached its fourth edition this year, awarded by Marketing Consulting of Milan.

To win the prize, the compostable coffee pods were subjected to a blind test with a large sample of italian consumers, who evaluated the products (without knowing the brand) from many points of view: ingredients label, overall satisfaction, taste, appearance, consistency, smell.

Caffè Borbone compostable pods, already certified "Compostable CIC" by the Italian Composting Consortium, get another important award, as tangible testament to Caffè Borbone's commitment to creating a product that is not only good but also environmentally friendly.

The compostable ESE pod is made so that it can become compost, that is fertilizer for the soil. Thanks to the 100% natural wrapping, it can therefore be differentiated in the wet.
We also remember the difference between compostable and biodegradable pods, terms that are often used as synonyms, but which are instead different concepts. The compostable pod completely decomposes within 3 months of use, while the biodegradable pod takes 6 months to decompose 90%.

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